Electronic Invoices

Access the invoices of your users

Electronic fiscal documents can be useful to verify tax declarations, make invoice conciliations and more. With Fintoc, you can access the buy and sell register of your users through the List Invoices endpoint.

The API for electronic invoices returns the complete information about the amounts and taxes associated to each invoice.

Ejemplo de respuesta

Sample response

Here you can see what a response from the Fintoc API looks like. Read the Fiscal API reference to see more details.

  "id": "fi_nMNejK7BT8oGbvO4",
  "object_name": "invoice",
  "number": "135",
  "institution_id": "cl_fiscal_sii",
  "issuer": {
    "id": "117056856",
    "name": "Hooli SpA",
    "institution_tax_payer": null
  "receiver": null,
  "issue_type": "received",
  "date": "2021-06-25T04:00:00.000Z",
  "total_amount": 12123,
  "net_amount": 1231,
  "currency": "CLP",
  "tax_period": "06/2021",
  "institution_invoice": {
    "received_at": "2021-06-25T19:27:04.000Z",
    "accepted_at": null,
    "confirmation_status": null,
    "exempt_amount": 0,
    "document_type": 34,
    "total_documents": null,
    "vat_amount": 123,
    "fixed_assets_net_amount": null,
    "fixed_assets_vat_amount": null,
    "non_refundable_vat_amount": null,
    "non_refundable_vat_code": null,
        "non_credit_tax_amount": null,
        "total_vat_withheld": 0,
        "partial_vat_withheld": 0,
        "non_withheld_vat": 0,
        "own_vat": 0,
        "third_party_vat": 0,
        "common_use_vat": null,
        "out_of_time_vat": 0,
        "reference_type_code": null,
        "reference_number": null,
        "construction_company_credit": 0,
        "free_zone_tax": 0,
        "container_deposit_guarantee": 0,
        "domestic_ticket_sales": 0,
        "international_ticket_sales": 0,
        "receipt_reference_number": null,
    "settlement_issuer_id": null,
    "vat_commisions": null,
    "net_commissions": 0,
    "exempt_commissions": 0,
    "has_note": false,
    "is_services_invoice": false,
    "services_invoice": null,
    "transaction_category": "Del Giro",
    "invoice_status": "registered",
    "other_taxes": {
      "total_amount": 400,
      "taxes": [
          "tax_code": 14,
          "tax_rate": "19",
          "tax_amount": 400
    "tobacco_taxes": {
            "cigars": 0,
            "cigarettes": 0,
            "processed_tobacco": 0

Using the Fiscal API

1. Configure the Fintoc widget

To connect a Link that includes tax returns to Fintoc, you must configure the widget with the invoices product:

const widget = Fintoc.create({
  holderType: 'business',
  product: 'invoices',
  publicKey: 'pk_test_Ks91jGaksOPns71Sf5h',
  webhookUrl: 'https://yourwebhook.com',
  onSuccess: () => console.log('success!'),
  onExit: () => console.log('exit')

Read the guide about the widget to learn more about its integration and parameters.

2. Retrieving the invoices

Roughly 5 minutes after your user connected the new Link, you have access to the invoices!

Read the Fiscal API reference for more details about the endpoints.