"error": {
        "type": "invalid_request_error",
        "code": "missing_parameter",
        "message": "Missing required param: link_token",
        "param": "link_token",
        "doc_url": "https://fintoc.com/docs#invalid-request-error",
typestringThe type of the error. It may be api_error, authentication_error, link_error, institution_error or invalid_request_error
codestringThe particular error that occurred, so that you can handle it programmatically
messagestringFriendly message detailing the error. This field can change its text content for the same code value in time, so it shouldn't be used programmatically
paramstringIf the error is related to a parameter, this attribute indicates that marameter. It can be null
doc_urlstringThe URL of the documentation associated with the error code