"id": "po_6qMelax3udMp0bDR",
  "object": "payout",
  "amount": 49632342,
  "currency": "CLP",
  "status": "succeeded",
  "succeeded_at": "2021-10-15T15:24:15.474Z",
  "created_at": "2021-10-15T15:23:11.474Z",
  "updated_at": "2021-10-15T15:23:11.474Z",
  "mode": "live",
  "recipient_account": {
    "holder_id": "761349341",
    "number": "9213610",
    "type": "checking_account",
    "institution_id": "cl_banco_security",
idstringUnique identifier for the Payout Object
objectstringString representing the object’s type. Its value for payout's will always correspond to payout.
amountintegerAmount to be paid out, represented as an integer. This value must always be greater than 0.
currencystringCurrency ISO code. For now, we support CLP and MXN.
statusstringPayout Status status. Can be in_progress, succeeded or canceled.
created_atstringPayout's creation date, using ISO 8601 format.
updated_atstringPayout's object last updated date, using ISO 8601 format.
succeeded_atstringPayout's object succeeded date, using ISO 8601 format.
modestringIndicates whether the Payout is in live mode or in test mode (for the sandbox). Payouts are only supported in live currently.

Payout statuses

in_progressThe payout is processing and should arrive to your bank account in the next business day.
succeededThe payout has been transferred successfully to your account.
canceledThe payout has been canceled.

Recipient Object

holder_idstringIdentifier of the owner of the account. In Chile, it corresponds to a RUT and in Mexico it's either an RFC or CURP.
numberstringAccount number. Does not include hyphens or prefixed zeros
typestringAccount type. It can be checking_account or sight_account
institution_idstringAccount's institution id. You can learn more about institutions and their ids here