"id": "sub_m7N9rAWJS9dWDKEe",
    "object": "subscription",
    "status": "active",
    "mode": "live",
    "account": {
        "id": "acc_nMNejK7BT8oGbvO4",
        "object": "account",
        "name": "Cuenta Corriente",
        "official_name": "Cuenta Corriente Moneda Local",
        "number": "9530516286",
        "holder_id": "134910798",
        "holder_name": "Jon Snow",
        "type": "checking_account",
        "currency": "CLP",
        "institution": {
            "country": "cl",
            "id": "cl_banco_santander",
            "name": "Banco Santander"
    "created_at": "2021-11-11T02:29:16Z"
idstringUnique identifier for the Subscription
objectstringIdentifier for the type of object. Its value for Subscriptions will always correspond to subscription
statusstringSubscription status. Can be pending, active, canceled.
Only active subscription can be charged.
modestringIndicates whether the Subscription is in live mode or in test mode (for the sandbox)
accountobjectObject that points to the bank account that can be charged with this subscription.
created_atstringSubscription's creation date, using ISO 8601