This represents your user connection attempt.

    "id": "li_a6WUojQ2SjSSeFjH",
    "object": "link_intent",
    "widget_token": "li_a6WUojQ2SjSSeFjH_sec_Q802GD8ZLmMuK0Atl4ucJuLp",
    "country": "cl",
    "holder_type": "individual",
    "product": "movements",
    "mode": "live",
    "exchange_token": "li_a6WUojQ2SjSSeFjH_exchange_token_5bgMY0PHd7NaUkboxXObu30HNhRqoc1Z",
    "exchange_token_expires_at": "2022-12-01T02:20:12Z",
    "created_at": "2022-12-01T01:50:12Z",
    "status": "created"
idstringUnique identifier for the Link Intent
objectstringIdentifier of the object type. Its value for Link Intent will always correspond to link_intent
widget_tokenstringTemporary token to configure the widget. This attribute is only returned when creating the Link Intent. After that, it will always be null
countrystringISO Code (Alpha-2) of the country. Currently only cl is supported
holder_typestringIndicates whether the account to be connected is an individual or a business
productstringProduct that will be used with this connection. Currently only movements is supported
modestringIndicates whether the Link Intent is in live mode or test mode. Currently only live is supported
exchange_tokenstringTemporary token that can be used to retrieve Link information when your user connection is succceeded
exchange_token_expires_atstringWhen the exchange_token will expire
created_atstringWhen the Link Intent was created
statusstringLink Intent current status.