Tax Statement Object

  "id": "taxstmt_000000000",
  "fiscal_year": 2021,
  "document_number": "123456",
  "period": "10",
  "status": "Vigente",
  "object": "tax_statement",
  "currency": "CLP",
  "institution_id": "cl_fiscal_sii",
  "interval_unit": "monthly",
  "institution_tax_statement": {
    "total_payment": 2646845,
    "total_debit": 1173692,
    "total_credit": 403497,
    "retention_fee": 6497,
    "salary_tax": 1870153,
    "monthly_provisional_payments": null
  "taxpayer": {
    "id": "777777777",
    "name": "Fintoc SpA",
    "institution_tax_payer": {
      "phone": "999999999",
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "addresses": [
          "city": "Santiago",
          "code": "84345463",
          "type": "DOMICILIO",
          "number": "2461",
          "region": "REGION METROPOLITANA",
          "street": "LOS CONQUISTADORES",
          "commune": "PROVIDENCIA",
          "apartment": null
      "activities": [
          "iva": false,
          "code": "0123",
          "category": "1",
          "started_at": "2020-04-16T04:00:00.000Z",
          "description": "Servicios de tecnología"
      "authorized_documents": [
          "code": "33",
          "description": "FACTURA ELECTRONICA",
          "authorized_at": "2021-11-30T15:57:38.584Z",
          "max_documents": 414
idstringUnique identifier for the Tax Statement
objectstringIdentifier for the type of object. Its value for Tax Statements will always correspond to tax_statement
institution_idstringFiscal authority's id. You can read more about the available institutions here
interval_unitstringIts value corresponds to monthly
periodstringMonth of the year to which the taxes correspond
fiscal_yearstringYear to which the taxes correspond
currencystringCurrency ISO code
statusstringStatus of the Tax Statement
document_numberstringFor cl_fiscal_sii, it corresponds to the declaration folio. For mx_fiscal_sat, it corresponds to the operation number
institution_tax_statementobjectEither a SIITaxStatement or a SATTaxStatement object
taxpayerobjectAn object representing the taxpayer to whom the taxes correspond

Servicio de Impuestos Internos (Chile)

If the fiscal authority is Servicio de Impuestos Internos (cl_fiscal_sii), monthly taxes correspond to what's declared using the F29 form. The taxpayer and institution_tax_statement fields corresponds to the following objects, respectively:

SIITaxStatement Object

total_paymentintegerTotal amount of taxes to pay within the legal term
total_debitintegerTotal amount of debit
total_creditintegerTotal amount of credit
retention_feeintegerRetention fee over honoraria
salary_taxintegerSecond category taxes
monthly_provisional_paymentsintegerMonthly provisional payments