Refresh Intent Object

idstringUnique identifier for the Refresh Intent
refreshed_objectstringIndicates the type of refreshed object. It can correspond to link or account
refreshed_object_idstringUnique identifier for the refreshed object
objectstringIdentifier for the type of object. Its value for Refresh Intent will always correspond to refresh_intent
statusstringIndicates the status of the Refresh Intent. Possible values are succeeded, failed and rejected.
new_movementsintegerAmount of new movements (since the last refresh). It is only present when refreshed_object is account
created_atstringRefresh Intent's creation date, using ISO 8601
requires_mfaobjectCorresponds to an object with a widget_token key. If present, the account requires mfa to refresh, so you need to open the widget with the widget_token given. If null, you don't need to open the widget to request a refresh
typestringCorresponds to whether the Refresh Intent is historical (new Links will trigger this kind of Refresh Intents to get every movement) or only_last (tipically you will trigger this kinds of Refresh Intents, meaning only fetching the latest movements that weren't on Fintoc before)