Webhook Endpoint Object

idstringUnique identifier for the Webhook Endpoint
objectstringIdentifier for the type of object. Its value for Webhook Endpoints will always correspond to webhook_endpoint
descriptionstringOptional description about the Webhook Endpoint's purpose
urlstringThe URL associated to the webhook to which the events will be sent
statusstringIndicates whether the Webhook Endpoint is active (enabled) or inactive (disabled)
enabled_eventsArray[string]Events that will be sent to the Webhook Endpoint
modestringIndicates whether the Webhook Endpoint is in live mode or in test mode (for the sandbox)
secretstringToken used by Fintoc to generate the webhook signatures. This is the token you should use to validate a webhook was sent by Fintoc. This field will only be sent when creating the Webhook Endpoint. Further requests will always return this field as null
created_atstringWebhook Endpoint's creation date, using ISO 8601