Payment Intent Error Reason

Payment Intents can fail for a variety of reasons. The reason a given payment intent failed is available in a Payment Intent Object's error_reason attribute.

Below is a list of all the types of error_reason we currently send. We may add more at any time, so in developing and maintaining your code, you should not assume that only these types exist.

bank_account_lockedThe bank blocked the transfers service for this account.🇨🇱
bank_connection_errorFintoc had a problem connecting with the selected bank.🇨🇱
bank_not_availableThe selected bank is temporary unavailable.🇨🇱
amount_limit_reachedThe maximum amount available to transfer was reached.🇨🇱
insufficient_fundsThe account doesn’t have enough money to execute the payment.🇨🇱
login_credentials_lockedThe bank indicated that the user's credentials are locked.🇨🇱
login_invalid_credentialsThe bank indicated that the user's credentials are invalid.🇨🇱
maximum_amount_errorThe amount exceeds the maximum amount allowed for that bank.🇨🇱
mfa_authorization_timeoutThe user did not authorize the transfer with their multifactor method.🇨🇱
mfa_invalid_authorizationThe bank indicated that the multifactor authorization was invalid.🇨🇱
mfa_lockedThe multifactor authentication method is locked.🇨🇱
mfa_unavailableThe multifactor authentication method is unavailable.🇨🇱
new_contact_amount_limit_reachedThe amount exceeds the maximum amount permitted for new contacts.🇨🇱
new_contact_transfer_number_limit_reachedThe maximum number of transfers for new contacts was reached.🇨🇱
recipient_account_not_allowedThe bank indicated that the recipient account is not allowed to receive transfers.🇨🇱
unresolved_final_statusThe bank can’t provide a definite answer on whether this payment was completed or not.

This reason will only appear for pending payments that could not be validated after 10 days.
widget_closedThe user closed the widget before completing the payment🇨🇱/🇲🇽
user_leftThe user abandoned the payment process before selecting an account or entering their bank account´s credentials.🇨🇱/🇲🇽
new_payment_intent_in_progressThe user started a new payment intent before completing the previous one, so the original payment intent was cancelled🇲🇽

Below you can see the equivalent widget screen your user might encounter. It is important to note that these screens serve as an example for certain cases and will not be these in every case as we try to give specific instructions for a wide range of cases within an error reason.