Changes to the API

Track changes and upgrades to the Fintoc API

Up until now, every change to the Fintoc API has been backwards compatible. Whenever we make a change that is not backwards compatible, we will release a new version of the API to prevent your code from breaking.

Backwards compatible changes

Fintoc considers the following changes as backwards compatible:

  • Add objects to the API.
  • Add optional parameters to already existing API endpoints.
  • Add new fields to existing objects.
  • Change the order of the keys in an object.
  • Change the length or format of the IDs and tokens. This includes adding or removing prefixes (like the acc_ prefix on the ID of the Account Object).
  • Change header's field names to uppercase or lowercase. According to RFC7230, header field names are case-insensitive. Note that field values are case-sensitive.


You shouldn't assume the format of IDs nor tokens

You should never parse an ID or a token to get information out of it. Changes to these fields are considered backwards compatible, so the format can change at any moment. For example, objects created before 2021-05-05 don't have a prefix on their ids.