Libraries and Integrations

Official libraries

To get started faster with the Fintoc API, we strongly recommend using one of our client libraries. These libraries handle quite a few things so that you don't have to, and let you focus on building a valuable product for your clients instead.

Here we list every official library. Any community contribution is more than welcome! Any issue or Pull Request will be accepted happily 🙌



Community libraries

If we don't offer an official library for your favorite language, maybe our community maintains one!

If neither an official nor a community library exists for the language that you're wanting to use and you would like to create and share one so that more devs like you can enjoy it, that's also great! Once you have your library ready, get in touch with us so that we can include it on this list


Apart from the libraries, we have community integrations that allow you to plug and play using Fintoc quickly!


We love it when our community helps us make Fintoc better, so here we name everyone who has helped us by bootstrapping, creating and/or maintaining one of our libraries: