Transaction limits

Transaction limits vary depending on the country you are operating in. These are constantly changing, so contact us if your experience differences from the information below.

Chile 🇨🇱

In Chile, banks have certain daily limits when dealing with payments that may have an impact on your business. These limits vary based on the type of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) chosen by the user, the type of account, and whether the payment is to a new or existing recipient.

BankNew recipientExisting recipientMinimum Amount
Banco BCIMultiPass (MFA): $250.000
BciPass (MFA): $600.000
MultiPass (MFA): $5.000.000
BciPass (MFA): $7.000.000
Banco de Chile$350.000DigiPass/Mi Pass (MFA): $5.000.000
DigiCard (MFA): $2.000.000
Banco Santander$250.000$5.000.000$1.000
Banco EstadoFrom Cuenta Rut: $100.000
Other accounts: $250.000
From Cuenta Rut: $1.000.000
Other accounts: $5.000.000
Banco Itaú$300.000$7.000.000$1
Banco FalabellaTo Banco Estado: $200.000
Other Accounts: $1.000.000
To Cuenta Vista: $2.000.000
To Cuenta Corriente: $7.000.000
BICE$250.000From Cuenta BICE GO (Daily accumulated total): $5.000.000
From Cuenta BICE GO (In a single transfer): $2.500.000
From Cuenta Corriente: $7.000.000
Banco Ripley$250.000Daily accumulated total: $7.000.000
In a single transfer: $2.000.000

Mexico 🇲🇽

There are currently no single transaction or daily amount limits for transactions in México.