Receiving payouts

Set up your bank account to receive payouts.

For you to receive funds, Fintoc makes payouts to your bank account.

Payout availability can vary based on the country you’re operating in. Processing payouts happen according to your chosen payout schedule. Fintoc deducts fees from each daily payout, based on your pricing plan. For more details on how fees are calculated, take a look at the Fintoc Fees Guide.

Adding your bank account information

You need to have a bank account located in the country you are operating in. Fintoc does not support cross-border payouts.

The bank account owner also needs to be the company that signed the contract with Fintoc.

Updating your bank account information

To update your account details, reach out to your Account Executive.

Payout schedule

Your payout schedule refers to how often Fintoc sends money to your bank account.

You can see the available payout schedules by country below.


Payout schedule time zones

All payments and payouts are processed according to local time zone.


In Chile, Fintoc has two payout schedules available.

Payout scheduleCut-off timePayout speed
Daily with banking cut-off time14:001 business day
Daily with business days cut-off time00:002 business days

The default payout schedule is daily with banking cut-off time. If you want to change your payout schedule, please contact your Account Executive.

Daily with banking cut-off times

Day of the weekFunds available on
Monday 14:00 to Tuesday 13:59Wednesday before 14:00
Tuesday 14:00 to Wednesday 13:59Thursday before 14:00
Wednesday 14:00 to Thursday 13:59Friday before 14:00
Thursday 14:00 to Friday 13:59Monday before 14:00
Friday 14:00 to Monday 13:59Tuesday before 14:00

Daily with business days cut-off times

Day of the weekFunds available on
Monday 00:00 to Monday 23:59Wednesday before 14:00
Tuesday 00:00 to Tuesday 23:59Thursday before 14:00
Wednesday 00:00 to Wednesday 23:59Friday before 14:00
Thursday 00:00 to Thursday 23:59Monday before 14:00
Friday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59Tuesday before 14:00


In Mexico, we support only one payout schedule.

Payout scheduleCut-off timePayout speed
Daily with business days cut-off time00:001 business day

Daily with business days cut-off times

Day of the weekFunds available on
Monday 00:00 to Monday 23:59Tuesday before 15:00
Tuesday 00:00 to Tuesday 23:59Wednesday before 15:00
Wednesday 00:00 to Wednesday 23:59Thursday before 15:00
Thursday 00:00 to Thursday 23:59Friday before 15:00
Friday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59Monday before 15:00

Payout notifications

By default, every time Fintoc makes a payout to your bank account, an email is sent to you with the payout reconciliation report for that batch. See the reporting and reconciliation guide to learn more.

Using the Dashboard

You can see all past and future payouts from your dashboard by clicking on the Payouts tab located on the left side of the screen.

Using the Payouts API

Fintoc offers a robust Payouts API that empowers merchants to efficiently manage their payouts. Our Payouts API introduces a set of endpoints, enabling you to:

  • List Historical Payouts: Retrieve a list of all historical payouts.
  • Retrieve Specific Payout: Fetch details of a specific payout.
  • Get Payout Resources by Type: Access all the resources included in a payout.
  • Webhooks: Receive notifications when a payout starts processing and when it arrives in your bank account.

You can get more information about each method in our API Reference.


Fintoc employs webhooks to keep you informed throughout the payout process. Here are the key events we trigger:

payout.createdSent when a payout is created and starts processing.
payout.succeededSent when a payout is successfully transferred to your bank account.
payout.canceledSent when a payout is canceled and will not be sent to your bank account.