Use the Widget to connect your users' bank accounts with Fintoc

The Fintoc Widget is the component that your users will interact with to connect their bank accounts with Fintoc.

The Widget handles the validation of credentials, multiple factor authentication and error handling for each financial institution that we offer. You can use the widget in web applications as well as in mobile applications.

The Widget flow

The Widget flow starts when your user wants to connect its bank account with your application.

  1. Use your Public Key and a webhook to an endpoint on your backend to configure the Widget and show it to your user.
  2. Once your user finishes the Widget flow, the Widget itself will close. The flow finishes when the Link gets created correctly or when the user stops the Link creation process by closing the Widget prematurely.
  3. If a Link was correctly created, you will receive the new Link through a webhook, including its link_token. Save this link_token to be able to use the Link in the future.
  4. You can use the onSuccess and onExit functions from the widget so that code gets executed on certain events. For example, you can use the onSuccess function to redirect your user to another URL once a Link gets correctly created.

Flow example

Warning: After the creation of the Link, the usage flow that is shown on the diagram is very simplified. The real usage of an application could vary radically, but the simplified example should be useful to understand de interactions between different entities.

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