Refreshing on demand

Refresh Intents try to refresh Links with the latest data from the bank.

With refresh intents, you will be able to update the movements of a Link on demand, meaning that you can ask Fintoc to fetch the latest movements from your accounts instead of having to wait for Fintoc to decide to do it.

Once the Refresh Intent is completed, Fintoc will send an Event to your application through a Webhook, indicating the outcome of the actualization.

New movements can be obtained using the List Movements endpoint.

This functionality will only be enabled for certain use cases and regions.

To create a refresh on demand, you must follow these steps:

  1. Create a Refresh Intent.
  2. If the bank requires MFA for the login flow, you must open the Widget to complete the process.
  3. Wait until you receive an event with the results of the refresh.
  4. Query the List Movements endpoint to get the latest movements.


Check out our Errors section to see possible limitations.