Create a banking Link from the dashboard

If you need to create a new banking Link to use within your application, head over to the dashboard.

First, make sure you're looking at the dashboard using the Live Mode:

Now, click on the button to create a new link (for this example we will create a personal link, but creating a business link works exactly the same):

Then click on the "Continue" button:

Click on the bank that has the account to which you want to associate a Link:

Fill your bank credentials and click the "Ingresar" button:

Now, wait for Fintoc to create your Link. Once the Link is created, you should see a screen like this one:

Notice the Link Token at the end of the screen. Save that token securely. The Link Token represents the username/password combination of the bank, and is used to ask Fintoc for the bank data. The Link Token is not saved by Fintoc, and can never be retrieved again, so don't lose it.

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