Activate your Webhook Endpoint

Once you have already written your webhook endpoint, tested your webhook endpoint and passed that code to your production environment, you just need to register the webhook endpoint with Fintoc to start receiving notifications about new events.

Register your Webhook Endpoint

Registering a webhook endpoint can be done through the API as well as through the Fintoc Dashboard. Rememeber that webhook endpoints should point to a URL protected with a SSL certificate.

Add an endpoint through the API

To add an endpoint using the API, use the Create Webhook Endpoint endpoint.

Add an endpoint through the Dashboard

Go to the Webhooks section of the Dashboard, click on the button to subscribe a webhook and a modal will render on the page. Here, you must write the URL of your webhook endpoint and select which events will be sent to said URL. Make sure to be on live mode.

Manage your webhook endpoints

You can also disable, update or delete a Webhook Endpoint that already exists within your organization. From the dashboard, you can also disable o delete Webhook Endpoints.