Fintoc collects

Learn about how to handle typical use cases when Fintoc collects the payments on your behalf.

When Fintoc collects your payments, the money goes to a bank account managed by Fintoc. Fintoc tracks and matches when the payments settle on the account. We also handle any external payment —payments using an external channel, such as a regular bank transfer— to this account for you. Then, depending on your payout schedule, Fintoc sends the funds to your bank account. Fintoc discounts fees directly from your payouts.

Simple to operate with.

You don't need to track and match the Fintoc payments you receive in your account, nor handle external bank transfers. Fintoc does this for you.
Funds arrive in your bank account with a delay. Usually the next business day. See the receiving payouts guide for more information.

We recommend this type of integration for e-commerces or any company that wants to receive payments but doesn't want to handle a complex operation or edge cases.