Test mode

Use test mode to test your Fintoc integration before going live.

Fintoc has a test mode —or sandbox— for you to test the API without making actual payments or connecting a real account. The sandbox is a testing environment that simulates creating real objects without the risk of affecting real transactions or moving actual money.

To use the test mode, all you need to do is to use your test API Keys when interacting with the API. The test API Keys can be found at the Dashboard and are the ones that have the sk_test_ and pk_test_ prefixes.

In the documentation pages associated with the sandbox, you will find the credentials that the sandbox uses to allow you to test every possible flow your users might follow without breaking a sweat 😎.

As of right now, you can use the test mode for Movements, Payment Initiation, and Direct Debit, but there is still no Fiscal test mode.

Test mode versus live mode

All Fintoc API requests occur in either test mode or live mode. API objects in one mode aren’t accessible to the other.

ModeWhen to useObjectsHow to use
test modeUse test mode, and its associated test API keys, as you build your integration.API calls return simulated objects. For example, you can retrieve and use test link, movement, payment_intent and subscription objects.Use test bank accounts. You can’t accept real payment methods or work with real accounts.
live modeUse live mode, and its associated live API keys, when you’re ready to launch your integration and accept real money or connect real accounts.API calls return real objects. For example, you can retrieve and use real link, movement, payment_intent and subscription objects.Accept real bank accounts and work with customer accounts. You can accept actual payment authorizations, charges and connect real links.

The Test mode toggle in the Dashboard doesn’t affect your integration code. Your test and live mode API keys are what ultimately affect the behavior of your code.