Go-Live Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure a smooth transition to Live Mode

After testing your integration in test mode, there are a few tasks you need to complete before going live with the Payment Initiation product. Fintoc's test environment is funtionally very similar to live mode, but it is important to perform tests in order to correctly set up your live environment

  • Setup the Live API Keys in your backend

In your dashboard, navigate to the API Keys tab. Make sure you are in Live mode by checking the toggle indicator in the bottom-left corner.

Generate your Live Secret Key and set it up in your back end to make requests to the API in Live Mode

  • Set up new webhooks to keep your application in sync with Fintoc

Webhooks created in test mode will not notify your application about events that occur in Live mode. You will need to set up new webhooks in your production environment to handle any events related to a payment intent.

If you need help setting up new webhooks, check our Webhooks Guide.

  • Correctly handle webhook-related edge cases

Some payments may have null fields if the user exits mid-process. Be sure to handle these cases as shown in our payments guide.

  • Specify the account where you want to receive payouts

If you are using Fintoc Collects, you will need to specify the bank account in which you want to receive payouts. To do this, send an email to your Account Executive specifying:


  • Bank Name
  • Account Type
  • Account Number
  • RUT
  • Notifications Email


  • Company Name
  • Bank Name
  • RFC
  • Notifications Email
  • Company Adress

  • Perform Certification Tests

Depending on the expected payment volume for your company, your account executive may request that you perform Certification Tests to ensure the quality of your integration. These tests will be carried out during a virtual meeting with your account executive.


We highly recommend all companies to conduct these tests, even if their Account Executive has not required it.

The tests your application will need to pass are:

  • For companies both in 🇨🇱 and 🇲🇽:
    • Your application makes requests to our API using the correct URL: https://api.fintoc.com/v1/
    • Your payment process follows our UX Guidelines
    • Your application integrates the Widget using the correct product https://api.fintoc.com/v1/payment_intents
    • Review custom reports
      • In select cases, your integration may include recieving custom report files generated by Fintoc. During the meeting with the Account Executive, the formats and delivery channels of these files will be reviewed.
  • For companies in Chile 🇨🇱:
    • Simulate a payment in which the client leaves before authorizing the payment
      • Expected result: Your application cancels the payment intent after a 10 minute timeout
    • Simulate a payment in which the client authorizes the payment in their banking app but doesn't return to your website
      • Expected result: Your application confirms the payment using the webhook notification and responds correctly to the notification
    • You correctly listen for browser events to handle for front end flow
  • For companies in Mexico 🇲🇽:
    • You correctly listen for browser events to handle for front end flow

  • Go Live

After completing the certification tests, you are ready to set your integration Live.